Private Fees

Not all services are provided on the NHS and so some services attract a fee. These are listed below and are based on the British Medical Association (BMA) Fees Calculator.

We require the fee to be paid at the time of the request - please speak to reception about this. 

Private Sick Note £50
Private Prescription £15
Other Private Certificates £60
TWIMC Letter (Simple) £50
TWIMC Letter (Complex) £90
Holiday Cancellation Forms £50
Private Medical Insurance Claim Forms £50
Shotgun Licence £90
Road Accident Emergency Treatment Forms £30
PMARs £140
Insurance Medical Examinations (Short) £190
Insurance Medical Examinations (Long) £270
Supplementary Report for Insurance Companies £35
Full Private Medical Examinations £270
Report Prepared from Medical Record £110
Pre-Employment Report (No Examination) £230
Pre-Employment Report (With Opinion) £485
Solicitor's Medicolegal Report £250
OFSTED Health Declaration for Childminding £75
Occupational Health Report (Long) £270
Occupational Health Report (Short) £180
Paternity Testing (Exclusive of Cost of Processing) £105
Power of Attorney (For Completion Only) £330
Power of Attorney (With Visit to Patient for Examination)     £490
ECG £100
Private Blood Test (Plus Lab Charge) £50
Private Blood Grouping (Plus Lab Charge) £170
Vaccination Certificate £45